About Us

Tchoukball Inc was founded in 2002 by Pierre-Alain Girardin, as today Tammy Keating is our invaluable Operations Director, and Todd, Terry, Shari are our inconditional Tchoukball advocates and presenters. You may meet them at one of our workshops.

In 2002, Tchoukball was unknown in the U.S.A. especially in schools and recreation departments. Because of Pierre’s energy and endless effort to promote the game of Tchoukball, it has now been taught in over 5000 schools throughout the country. Therefore, if you have heard about Tchoukball thanks to the newly Tchoukball advocates in the U.S.A. and to him!

Thank you to all the Associate Professors, Physical EDUCATION teachers, and Tchoukball advocates, who had the courage and the energy to introduce a new team game to their students. Without them this endeavor would have not been possible. Also do not hesitate to visit our testimonial page to get a good idea of the advantages of introducing Tchoukball.

Please, for the enjoyment of your players, make sure that you introduce the game with U.S.TB.A. certified Tchoukball equipment!

We stop our activity and the same quality items now are sold by Gopher sport.
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Phone: 507 855 9560