“I feel safe while I am playing Tchoukball, I don’t fear someone running into me and knocking me down.”

Discover Tchoukball…AGAIN!

Greeting everyone! The school year is underway and I trust you are off to a great start!

Tchoukball is alive and well and continues to make new inroads throughout the United States.

In 2016, I did a convention in Iowa and as always, I had a great group of PE teachers attend my session. I introduced some lead-up games from our new updated instructional guide now available when you order a TB 202 or TB 402 set.

One of our PE teachers who attended the session was wearing a prosthetic on his right leg. Even with his limited mobility he participated enthusiastically with the group as we learned to play Tchoukball together. In the midst of the competition he raised his hand and commented to the group about his experience as a handicapped person with limited mobility. I feel safe while I am playing Tchoukball, I don’t fear someone running into me and knocking me down.” This comment was so exciting to me because all of our students have some limitations whether it is physical or otherwise. We all have some degree of fear or hesitation when we are engaged in competition. But Tchoukball gives us the freedom to experience a competitive team sport without the fear factor. Just as our friend who felt safe from the fear of being knocked down while playing Tchoukball, so your students will feel safe and join in more freely to participate. Tchoukball is all about leveling out the playing field and allowing everyone to compete equally. Your skilled players will still shine but you lower skilled players will contribute more also because they will feel safe and free from the fear of being embarrassed by their limitations.

If you haven’t experienced this “Tchoukball Experience” or if it has been awhile since you have played Tchoukball, feel free to give me a call or email me and we can talk about helping you get started again. I have some exciting new lead-up games, lesson plans and maybe we can even come out a do a Tchoukball in-service at your school!

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Todd Keating Marketing and Training Manager Tchoukball, Inc.
NBCT Retired Physical Education Teacher

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