“I highly recommend incorporating the game of Tchoukball into the PE curriculum.”

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a health and physical education teacher in Pennsylvania. I would like to share an experience I had with Pierre-Alain Girardin and the game of Tchoukball. In October, 2001, I was President of the local association of PSAHPERD and I needed a presenter for our Fall workshop. As I searched the PE sites on the internet, I found an interesting site about the game of Tchoukball. I had no idea what this game was or bow it was played, but the philosophy and equipment looked very interesting. The webmaster was Pierre, so I contacted him with all my questions. He responded promptly and said that he did do workshops for schools. I immediately booked him for our workshop in October. Our workshop was attended by IS PE professionals from Lancaster and Lebanon counties. Pierre did a wonderful job teaching us about the game and about the non-violent philosophy of Tchoukball. Everyone had a great experience and they asked bow they could purchase the frames. They wanted to begin teaching Tchoukball in their classes.

Pierre was kind enough to allow me to use his frames for a unit with my students at CHS. He introduced the game to my seniors and I introduced it to the rest of my student. in grades 7 thru 11. Each class reacted with confusion, at first due to its uniqueness, however, that was what enticed them to continue and learn the new skills. As the classes played Tchoukball, I began to notice how the game encourages those shy students, who avoid the ball at all costs. to step up and feel confident and even comfortable participating. They knew that no one was allowed to interfere with the pass or with their passes and they did not feel threatened. I had one student who always positioned herself out of the way of any ball activity, however, when we played Tchoukball, she felt comfortable enough to become not only active, but a key participant for her team. Even the athletes liked the game because they could play at their own level without slowing down for those with less skill. Everyone was able to play together and feel satisfied.

The game is for all skill levels and all skill levels can play together. This makes Tchoukball a perfect activity for the physical education class. Each person can play at his or her own level of skill and still contribute to the game. The non-violent atmosphere encourages students to help each other and to be supportive of one another. Negative actions and aggressive playing is not permitted in the game of Tchoukball Students learn to be positive and as a result, each person’s self-esteem is raised.

I highly recommend incorporating the game of Tchoukball into the PE curriculum. I also highly recommend Pierre’s Tchoukball workshop to help prepare the PE teachers to teach the game to their students.


Lori Eberly

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