Tchoukball Assessment 4th and 5th grade classes

Students of Todd Keating, Naperville, IL
Tchoukball Assessment 4th and 5th grade classes · October 2008

What did you like about the game?

  • Shooting at the frame (lots of these)
  • People get to have fun throwing without pressure at the net
  • I get included
  • Lots of moving around
  • When you get to pass the ball to your teammates
  • I like how I see everybody helping to catch and shoot the ball
  • I liked that it involves teamwork
  • The skill and teambuilding
  • Teamwork
  • The throwing, catching and passing
  • Getting to hit the frame (lots of these )
  • Having fun with your friends

These comments are from two 5th grade classes:

  • I like it that we had to be in diverse groups because that help people to know each other better
  • You got to play like you’re on a real team
  • Throwing and catching off the frame (many comments like this)
  • To work together to play the game and experience different skill Ievels
  • I liked that we played on a team
  • How everybody always includes me
  • The team building
  • I liked it how it includes everyone
  • I like how we all worked together as a team every time we played the game
  • When your teammates pass you the ball and score
  • Because most of my teams, whatever team I was on, I was included. (This comment is from a
  • home schooled student who only comes to school for PE, Music, and Art)
  • To play as a team
  • Team building, it helped me to know people better in my class
  • I liked how we build teamwork we try to pass to everybody
  • Team building and the throwing
  • Teamwork and the scoring
  • I like throwing, shooting and getting a chance to play with boys (obviously from a girl)
  • The fun, competitiveness and the spirit
  • The other team can’t take the ball and I am included
  • People include me
  • That you need to pass the ball to someone to score
  • The teamwork and being included
  • Because I stay active during the game and it is fun

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