“Tchoukball is an excellent activity for the general physical education program in any school at any level”

Dear Mr. Girardin,

As a teacher preparation specialist, I would like to thank you for the opportunity provided to my students during the one day Tchoukball presentation and clinic that you presented to the Health and Physical Education majors in our program. I feel it is important for all of our students to have the opportunity to be exposed to and gain experience in a variety of alternative physical education activities while enrolled in our teacher preparation program at the University. It was especially impressive to see our university students and the teachers from the West Chester Area School District interact and display such excitement for this non-traditional activity.

Tchoukball is an excellent activity for the general physical education program in any school at any level. The non-contact nature of the game immediately appeals to students who are not normally drawn to a traditional sports and games curriculum. The constant, non-stop nature of the activity makes it attractive to Physical Educators concerned with the overall fitness and well-being of their students. The non-threatening approach to game play makes it a natural choice for children regardless of age.

It was evident from our conversation that you are an advocate for the game and for participation by all children: however, what became more evident to me as an educator is the genuine love you have for activity in general and fitness of all participants specifically. I was very impressed with your energy level. Your enthusiasm, and your genuine desire to teach everyone about the benefits of participation in the game. I sincerely hope to continue our relationship and anticipate your return on an annual basis to expose more future Physical Education professionals to this outstanding activity.


Frank F. Frye, Jr., D.P.E.
Teacher Certification Program
Department of Kinesiology
West Chester University
West Chester, PA 19383

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