What Elementary Students are saying about Tchoukball

Questions asked: What are 4th and 5th graders saying about the sport of Tchoukball? What do you think Dr. Brandt’s purpose was when he invented the game of Tchoukball?

  • The purpose was for good sportsmanship and not being too competitive.
  • To work as a team so nobody gets left out of playing a game.
  • I think he invented it so everybody felt included and got a chance to throw and catch….no winner or loser.
  • He wanted to have a competitive game but a fair game so that everyone was happy.
  • He invented it s there was a more peaceful sport. He did this because in other sports there was too much competition.
  • I think he invented it because all of the other games were too physical and people could get injured.
  • Because he wanted a game where you can’t interfere.
  • I think the purpose was so people can play for their entertainment.
  • To have a game with no defense so everyone gets the ball.
  • To teach people that not every game has to have defense.
  • I think he wants to give good exercise.
  • So people won’t fight in a sport.
  • So nobody would get hurt from an attacking defense.
  • No aggressiveness cause most games are aggressive.
  • Have fun include everyone.
  • To make a less competitive game.
  • For people to get physically fit and get your muscles nice and strong.
  • To make a game where there was no stealing the ball.
  • So people could have a fair chance to score because there is no interfering.
  • He does not like arguing and it helps you to work together.
  • Because he wanted to make an easy game to learn and anyone could play.

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