“The third day some students played as though they had grown up with the game.”

Dear Pierre,

After participating in a couple of your Tchoukball clinics our PE staff decided to give it a try at Seneca Valley High School. We had been looking for another winter activity that we could use in the gym. We introduced it to 250 of our ninth grade students for two weeks. We started out by showing your video, then explaining the rules and strategies with some on-the-court demonstrations. We followed with some simple shooting drills to get the kids excited (they were very anxious to start after listening to the rules) and positioning drills to defend the floor. The 2nd day we began game play, albeit slow and fragmented at first, picking up speed and fluid court flow as players learned their positions. The third day some students played as though they had grown up with the game.

Our PE teachers found some essential outcomes tor the students by learning this new activity. Each student found a position they were comfortable with. As each day went by, you could see their improvement and confidence growing as a contributing member of team. That highlights the unique thing about this sport-everyone on the (cam has a job to do that no one else can do and they are counted on to do it. We could watch their sense of accomplishment grow as they excelled and became more aware of the rules and the strategies. Students who were minimally active in basketball or soccer found success and a sense of worthwhile playing Tchoukball.

The hardest facet of the game the students had to grasp was the fact (hat they couldn’t play defense against another player, not even the one with the ball. They couldn’t obstruct the ball handler or intercept or deflect passes.

Many of the students were disappointed when the unit was over. We are looking forward to purchasing our own frames and balls and adding this as a permanent fixture within our physical education activities for the year. Thank you very much for introducing this to our teachers. I look forward to talking with you in the future.

Best regards,

Mike Rutland
Physical Education Resource
Seneca Valley High School

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