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Visit our channel on Youtube and see the video “Why Tchoukball in PE Class?”

Go on Facebook and watch the video of the lead-up game “Tchouk-tag”

Download this video and watch students play the game of Tchoukball.

See this video and watch 5th grade students play the game of Tchoukball in Geneva IL.


Tchoukball in Ohio, the Columbus Dispatch of Central Ohio wrote this article and made this video, January 2012

Rick Belval of Geneva IL, organized a round robin Tchoukball tournament read the article, March 10, 2011

Todd Keating of Naperville, IL shares with you his students’ comments about the game of Tchoukball Learn more…

Phoebe Constantinou “Keeping the Excitement Alive: Tchoukball and Cooperative Learning”, JOPERD-Volume 81 No 3. March 2010


Get information and exercises with these Handouts. (If you want a hard copy of these documents, please contact us)

National Standard For Physical Education

Learn how Tchoukball meets the National Standard for Physical Education, a complete guideline and assessment for the introduction of Tchoukball in your class. This guideline includes assessment tests for 9 to 10th grades and Lifelong test with Keys. Developed by Ms. Beverly Ahern, Head of the Physical Education Department at Spencer HS, Iowa.

Read the latest news about Tchoukball in the U.S.A.