Critical Scientific Review of Team Sports by Dr. Hermann Brandt

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Dr. Hermann Brandt, the inventor of Tchoukball, wrote this book (217 pages) (now translated in English) to present his work on physical education, and approach to invent the game of Tchoukball. Michel Favre, as the co-inventor of the game, wrote the foreword of this book and oversaw the editing work.
Dr. Hermann Brandt scientific study won him the Thulin Price of the International Federation of Physical Education for his originilaty, and uniqueness approach to team sports.

This book explains the kinesiology, psycho-social aspects of Tchoukball, as well as its social and educational values, in addition to the explanations of the game. Dr. Hermann Brandt's analysis, in physical education, demonstrate the physical, psychology, and social components which drives him to create Tchoukball. He also compare Tchoukball to other sports such as football (soccer), handball, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. We can say that Tchoukball was a sport invented on a scientific basis.

This book includes drills with diagrams, and pictures. the Tchoukball Charter, an history of the rules of the game, and a bibliography has been added in the English version. Every Physical Education teacher, coach, player, referee, Tchoukball official should read this book to really comprehend the inventor's motives.

You can read on line the table of content, Chapter I, General Introduction, Chapter II, A new Game: Tchoukball, and the first part of Chapter V, Tchoukball.

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