PE High School Foam Tchoukball (pack of 6) (size 2)

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This new tchoukball has great feel that allows for a nice firm grip. The tchoukball is dense enough for an active rebound off the Tchoukb but is spongy enough so the hand can form firmly around the ball.
It has a durable outer cover that is built to withstand the impact of the Tchouk net, but it is soft enough that students are not threatened by being struck by the ball.

Made of foam but with an external envelop which last longer . They are the best feeling balls in the world for Tchoukball!

The package contains 6 of them of various colors. (save $ 27.50)

For middle/high school students! Size 2 ball.

Regular price: $86.00

Colors maybe different that showned on the picture

Sporting goods.

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