Tchoukball General Information

Critical Scientific Review of Team Sports

Tchoukball the Sport of Tomorrow! By Dr. Hermann Brandt, Edition Roulet, Geneva 1971

Dr Hermann Brandt was an eminent Swiss biologist. It was through his work in practical application of scientific knowledge in the sphere of physical activities that the idea of Tchoukball had its foundation. After writing the book ‘From Physical Education to Sport Through Biology’, Dr Brandt presented his now famous paper ‘Critical Scientific Review of Team Sports’. This won him the coveted award of ‘Thulin Prize’, presented at the University of Lisbon on August 16th 1970.
The introduction of his book has been translated in English, we invite you to download the file below in order to understand why he invented the game of Tchoukball and what were his intentions . Coming soon more chapters of the book will be available on-line. Please visit regularly this page to get the latest news.

Tchoukball in School

By Michel Favre, Patrick Erard, Marc Veuve, Frederic Roth.

Why do you want to introduce Tchoukball to your P.E. class? Read this paper and you will be convinced. Since 1975, Patrick Erard, Frederic Roth, who are P.E. Teachers in Switzerland, as well as Marc Veuve, and Michel Favre have been teaching Tchoukball. Read their experience in this document. (If you want a hard copy of this document, please contact us)

Why a New Sport?

By Michel Favre.

Discover why Tchoukball was invented. (If you want a hard copy of this document, please contact us)

Tchoukball Rules of the Game

The complete rules of the game

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