Tchoukball Resources

Handbook, Videos, Workshop Handout, Exercises, and tips, general information, Rules of the Game, Official Referee Hand Signals and more. Watch the video below to learn how to play Tchoukball
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Critical Scientific Review of Team Sports, by Dr. Hermann Brandt, is now available in paperback read more…

General Information includes Dr. Hermann Brandt’s book as well as other information for people who want to know more about the game of Tchoukball. This part includes:Critical Scientific Review of Team Sports and Foreword by Michel Favre; Tchoukball in School; Why a New Sport? Tchoukball Rules of the Game, Interpretation of the rules of the game, Official Referee Hand Signals

PE Teachers and coaches resources includes Videos, Articles, Workshop handouts, Newsletter, Exercises, tips to help you teach the game in your class. This part includes:
Handouts, October 2003, and August 2004; How Tchoukball Meets the National Standards for Physical Education, guidelines and assessments; Newsletters, issues number from 1 to 5